The Changes Brought to Music

Music is greatly loved and yet, over the last hundred years, there have been lots of changes. From vinyl records to cassettes and CDs, there have been dozens of ways to listen to music and today, it’s very much different from a few years ago. However, while there have been lots of changes, not all of them have been terrible. Yes, we don’t always listen to vinyl records anymore but that doesn’t mean to say today’s generation can’t appreciate music of yesteryear.

The Rise and fall of Physical CDs

For decades, there were vinyl records and they slowly were out for A-tracks and then video cassettes before the introduction of compact discs. However, while CDs were the biggest music item, they have slowly died away, especially over the last decade. CDs are still available on the shelves but there has been a sharp decline in the number of CDs being sold. For most people, the rise of the Internet caused the fall of the physical CDs. While today we still use CDs there aren’t as many floating around as you would think. It’s strange but true and it’s all down to how people want convenience and easier ways to shop. This is one major change that still haunts the industry.

The Boom of Online Streaming

Changes to the music scene haven’t just stopped at physical sales. When the boom of the Internet appeared and more people streamed, everyone flocked online to grab a bargain and pick up the songs they love. It’s no secret that Internet sales have tripled in the last few years alone but, online streaming has changed the face of music as well. Internet sales are still high but there are now more people streaming songs for free as there are lots of free-to-use and subscription free services online. That has really changed the way we view music and it’s extremely unusual. 50 years ago, music was all vinyl but now, vinyl is making a comeback and it’s standing its ground.

Where Does It Go from Here?

Let’s be honest, right now, there are free music streaming services all over the Internet with lots of free subscription services too. The need for physical music sales have declined significantly over the years and digital sales are potentially on the same road. In truth, music will remain popular but the way in which sales are generated will change rapidly and the way people enjoy and listen to music will change too. It might be that in the future all music is free but for the moment, you still have to pay for the songs you download and listen to. Of course, there are lots of paid subscription services as well as free ones and it’s interesting to see just how much an impact and influence they’ve had on the music industry.

Changing Times

It’s fantastic to see the interest of all music soaring from classical to heavy metal rock and it’s all down to how more accessible these things really are. There are more opportunities to listen to all sorts of music, even from half way around the world and it’s fascinating to say the least. However, times are changing and that means the way we view music is also changing. It might be that while you have enjoyed music in the past, it’s a totally different experience for you now and one which you might not like as much. However, music will always be popular even if the way we listen changes.

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