Don’t Cut off Funding for Music Education

Did you go through music education when you were a child? In recent years, governments have been talking about making cuts and one cut that is being talked about is music education. Cutting off the funding for music education is a hot topic right now with more schools and governments looking to it as a viable solution to save money. For some schools, they think it’s a wasted project because children aren’t learning enough while others just want to save money. However, it might not be smart to cut the funding for music education.

Children Can Learn a Skill

Music skills are useful in many walks of life and while you might personally think they aren’t necessary, think again. Music education can bring a child the skills they need for one job or another and can give them more confidence to continue to learn and develop more skills. This can be more than useful to say the least and it’s certainly going to open their eyes to a new way of thinking. Music can help a child in many ways and it can certainly be a useful skill to have no matter what it may be.

Keeping Them out of Trouble!

Let’s be honest, there are a hundred and one reasons why finding for music education shouldn’t be cut and one of the biggest is all about keeping a child out of trouble. You might think music isn’t going to stop a child from joining a gang or doing things they shouldn’t be doing after school but why can’t it? Good music education for a child can give them hope—a dream they want to reach—and if they have more lessons available to them, it could potentially keep them out of trouble which is what you should want in all honesty. Music education in any form can help a child avoid running with the wrong people and keep them occupied to change their way of thinking.

Unleashing Creativity and Skill

There has been a lot of talk in recent times about reducing or cutting back the funding for music education in children and young adults and while it might seem like a good idea, it isn’t in reality. You can stop a child from unleashing their creative side and finding a skill they actually love and carry with them for the rest of their lives. Learning about music whether it’s learning to play an instrument can actually help them in later life depending on which career they choose. Some absolutely adore music and wish to carry their love on with them in their adult lives as well. Cutting back funding can stunt the growth of a child’s learning.

More Funding Is Needed

Music education is a vital element in any child’s development. It doesn’t matter if a child wants to learn how to sing, how to play the piano or just simply sing in a choir, it’s all so important. Giving a child good education over music can not only allow them to appreciate music in all forms but actually learn a skill and become more creative. Who’s to say that one child out of a class of 20 will not go onto become a success musician—all because of their music education? You can never tell how a child will react to their education and how influential it can be on them as well. Music education is important for a child no matter their age and it can often be something that remains with them over time.