Did you go through music education when you were a child? In recent years, governments have been talking about making cuts and one cut that is being talked about is music education. Cutting off the funding for music education is a hot topic right now with more schools and governments looking to it as a viable solution to save money. For some schools, they think it’s a wasted project because children aren’t learning enough while others just want to save money. However, it might not be smart to cut the funding for music education.

Music is greatly loved and yet, over the last hundred years, there have been lots of changes. From vinyl records to cassettes and CDs, there have been dozens of ways to listen to music and today, it’s very much different from a few years ago. However, while there have been lots of changes, not all of them have been terrible. Yes, we don’t always listen to vinyl records anymore but that doesn’t mean to say today’s generation can’t appreciate music of yesteryear. The Rise and fall of Physical CDs For decades, there were vinyl records and they slowly were out for A-tracks and then video cassettes before the introduction of compact discs. However, while CDs were the biggest music item, they have slowly died away, especially over the last decade.